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Cranial Integration

There are few practices that integrate or focus on the cranium, the spine and its counterparts in traditional body work.  Instead of reinventing the wheel, Dr. Carolynn Thompson invented a system of touch to allow therapist to tap into the nervous systemj from within any modality.  She completed the work by integarting the whole body and including the cranium and spine into ALL types of bodywork.  Come an join our forum, take a class and expand your practice!

Classes for the advanced therapist to integrated cranial moves through movement and the sympathetic nervous system.

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Integrated Cranial Classes


I went in for a massage and Carolynn told me my tendon was not in the right place.  It took asking my doctor and some tests, but she was right.  After three years of not being able to use my arms (I was a Marine), I finally decided to take a chance on her.  Nine months later I have full access to my arms, a happy wife, no headaches and undying appreciation for Integrated Cranial.    

- Andrew Euretiig, San francisco, CA

Becoming an Integrated Cranial Practitioner starts with a single class, check us out!


Integrated Cranial Forum

Why Cranial Integration


  • Integrated Cranial - Rub Spine & Rub Face
  • Integrated Cranial - Foramen & Suture Release
  • Integrated Cranial - Cranials
  • Integrated Cranial - Intra Oral & Internal Foramen Release
  • Cranial Integration - Release in Motion
  • Integrated Cranial - Skull, Foramen and Muscle Release.  The Whole System


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Integrated Cranial Teachers Wanted

Dr. Carolynn Kraskouskas-Thompson is now seeking interested therapist who would like to expand their practice and become an Integrated Cranial Instructor.  Please email for more information.  

Classes focusing on the massage therapist, to learn skills that ease the wear and tear of the body.  Learn to work off the spine and parasympathetic nervous system for advanced results. 

Please contact us for a therapist near you.  Please contact us for an appointment.  

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