We work together to find a physically happy and financially sound place to move forward with therapy.  Safety in health is imperative to a calm system.  

We devise a weekly, bi weekly or monthly schedule to get your physical impairments functional.  


OUR therapistS HAVE manual experience 

We pride ourselves on being manual neuro-convergent therapists.  We actually touch bodies to get the nervous system to respond and self correct.  It is our belief that your body has an intention to find trusting hands.  We aim to carry skills that embark physical trust in the hands and mental trust for the academic mind.  For only a therapist that honors both will honor the entire global body system.   

We aim for efficient nervous system working with the spine and skull to obtain maximum efficient holding patterns.    





All assessments are 2-2.5 hours and focus on standing posture from the skull down and ability to mass manage the body system as a whole.  


Carolynn Thompson

Inventor of Integrated Cranial

  • Personal One on One             Treatment
  • Neuro-anatomical Convergent Touch Specialist
  • Intakes of Gait and Motion
  • Insured
  • Group Treatment for Lower Cost Individuals
  • Assessment of Planes of Motion

“Just wanted to thank you, I took my grandchildren to Disneyland today and I made it through the entire day.  It is so nice to have hope of being able to spend time with my family out of bed.  Thanks!” Patty*

Neuro-anatomical convergent manual therapy